Answers to Common Questions


[The BRG dissolved in August, 2019, due to Juan B. Gutierrez's move to the University of Texas at San Antonio.]
The Biomathematics Research Group (BRG) at UGA explores mathematical and computational models that connect genes to ecology. Below are the answers to the most common questions. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information.

Question: Can I become a graduate student at the BRG? 

Answer: Yes. It can happen through multiple departments. The mechanism to recruit students in most American Universities involves a departmental application. For example:  You have to be admitted to the university and to the department/institute. Most admitted students receive financial support and tuition waivers i.e. you do not pay for tuition, and we pay you to be a teaching or research assistant; this is true for most Ph.D. programs in American research universities. As you can imagine, access is very competitive. You need strong GRE scores to be admitted to the department/institute; if your first language is not English, you need just adequate TOEFL scores to be admitted to the university.  The important number in these tests is the percentile. Your chances are excellent if you are in the 90th percentile or greater (i.e. scores greater than 90% of the applicants). For international students, the university admission letter suffices in most cases to secure a student visa; you should educate yourself about possible restrictions and success rates of students going through a similar process. If you decide to apply, and your deadlines have not passed, contact the Director of the BRG to schedule a teleconference. We could advocate for your case, if we find an area of common interest (so make sure you know what our research areas are in advance, if we get to talk).


Question: What are the deadlines to apply for admission to graduate school at UGA? 



Question: Do I have to pay to become a Ph.D. student? 

Answer: No. We pay you. Please read the answer to the first question. 


Question: Do I have to pay to become a master's student?

Answer: Yes. We cannot offer financial support to master's students.


Question: Do you accept international students? 

Answer: Yes. Please read the answer to the first question. 


Question: Is it possible to become a temporary visiting scholar at the BRG? 

Answer: Yes. The University of Georgia has mechanisms in place to facilitate this process (e.g. access to facilities, visa processing, etc). At this point we do not offer financial support for visiting scholars.