People:  Matthew Houston

Biographical Statement:  Matthew T. Houston is a 31-year-old Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Middle Georgia State University (MGA) and a Ph.D. student working under Dr. Juan Gutierrez at the University of Georgia (UGA).  He attended Tennessee Technological University in 2003 where he received a BS in Mathematics (2007) and a MS in Mathematics (2009). For his MS, he wrote “Ahmes Expansion over Certain Euclidean Domains.” He started teaching at MGA in 2010 where he received the “Best Teacher Award” from the Student Government Association in 2013. He started his Ph.D. program in 2014 concentrating in mathematical biology.  With his colleague Amanda Cameron, they have written a review article “A Review of Mathematical Models for Muscular Dystrophy: A Systems Biology Approach.” They are currently working on two articles creating mathematical models for the Urea Cycle and immune cell interactions during muscle repair.  Find Matthew Houston's CV Here.