People: Juan B. Gutierrez, Ph.D.

Juan B GutierrezCV - Google Scholar
Email: jgutierr at uga edu.
Phone: (706) 713-2739
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Institute of Bioinformatics
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI)

200 D. W. Brooks Drive, Department of Mathematics, Boyd Building, University of Georgia. Athens, GA 30602.


I am passionate about biomathematics. I envision research in quantitative biology as a constant exchange of ideas between experts in quantitative fields (i.e. computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, statistics) and experts in biological sciences. This conversation enriches biology with the insight provided by quantitiative methods, and it enriches quantitiative fields with the demands of complex problems originated in biology. Joel Cohen put it succinctly and brilliantly: "mathematics is biology's next microscope, only better; biology is mathematics' next physics, only better".

My current efforts in quantiative biology research focus on multi-scale analysis of infectious disease and other ecological problems: (i) the characterization of malaria, from the within-host dynamics to the epidemiology of this infectious disease, and (ii) modeling dispersal and population dynamics of genetically modified organisms. In my lab we produce mathematical, computational, and statistical models ranging from molecular interactions to spatial distribution and interaction of populations. The data sets we study are large, heterogeneous and complex; we use machine learning in big data.  

My current efforts in education focus on adaptive learning. We have created in my lab an Adaptive Learning System for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Environments (ALICE). This systems offers competency-centered adaptivity (a syllabus is created for each student based on what they do not know), and interest-based adaptivity (examples respond to students' interests). The multi-lingual web-based pilot has shown improvements in student performance with strong statistical significance.

I also believe that the most desirable level of achievement is that of a polymath. I try to reflect that ideal in my work.

Updated on 1/12/2018