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The Biomathematics Research Group (BRG) at UGA explores mathematical and computational models that connect genes to ecology. The BRG prides itself in attracting top talent among the student body at UGA and beyond. 

Current Faculty

Current Students

BRG January 2017

BRG, January 2017. Back row (Left to right): Saeid Safaei, Carson Aft, Jordan Clark, Yi Yan, Zerotti Woods, Mehdi Assefi. Front row (Left to right): Matthew Houston, Jessica Brady, Juan B Gutierrez, Amanda Cameron, Elizabeth Trippe.  Not in the picture: Karen Aguar, Jacob Aguilar, Catherine Callaway, Mallory Harris, Bolanle Salaam. 

BRG, August 2016. Back row (Left to right): Catherine M. Callaway, Anna Yeaton, Zerotti Woods, Jessica A. Boss, Yiheng Yan, Brandon Teem. Front row (Left to right): Juan B. Gutierrez, Matthew Houston, Elizabeth D. Trippe, Paras Metha.  Not in the picture: Jacob Aguilar, Amanda Cameron, Kathyn D. Mauldin, Derek Onken, Bolanle Salaam, Saeid Safaei, Abraham Varghese. 


Past Members