Monster Epidemiology

[The BRG dissolved in August, 2019, due to Juan B. Gutierrez's move to the University of Texas at San Antonio.]
In this workshop we will produce mathematical models to predict the outcome of an encounter between a healthy human population (for example, the town of Watkinsville) and a few mythical creatures. We will study: (a) humans vs. one zombie, (b) humans vs. one vampire, and (c) humans vs. a competition between several vampires and several werewolves. Not only we will learn how to predict who wins, but also what are the best strategies to contain these mythical monsters. The mathematical tools used in this workshop belong to the same family of models used to guide public health policies against a infectious diseases.  

Directed by Dr. Juan B. Gutierrez – jgutierr at uga dot edu 
Department of Mathematics
Institute of Bioinformatics
University of Georgia

2018 workshop: July 9-13, 2018.  Register at: Contact:
Mention interest in MONSTER EPIDEMIOLOGY on the registration form.


Epidemiología de Monstruos