Biomathematics Research Group

The Biomathematics Research Group (BRG) at UGA explores mathematical and computational models that connect genes to ecology. Our current direction of research includes: (i) integration of multiple omic technologies (transcriptomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, proteomics, etc) capturing the dynamics of host-pathogen interactions into mathematical, computational, and statistical models, and (ii) multi-scale epidemiology; particularly, our lab is building a continuous computational pipeline to integrate multi-omic data, within-host dynamics (i.e. pathogen vs. immune system), vector dispersal, and human movement. The BRG has expertise in mathematical modeling using a wide array of techniques, data management of very large and heterogeneous biological data sets, software development from micro-controllers to super-computers, and hardware design. The long-term research goal of the BRG is to build a computational facility capable of quantifying biological processes across multiple scales.
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